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Liposuction on Rodeo Drive

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we specialize in Beverly Hills liposuction. We are the only plastic surgery center on world-famous Rodeo Drive. Our Medical Director, specialist Dr. Lloyd Krieger, specializes in liposuction and liposculpture, and was recently selected to author the chapter on the procedure for the Handbook of Plastic Surgery (an important new textbook designed to teach other plastic surgeons about cutting-edge techniques).

Our approach to liposuction and liposculpture is unusual. We value your safety and comfort, so we do all of our procedures in our modern on-site surgery center, which was built and is run to the uppermost standards. Our surgery center is fully certified by the Federal Government, which demands the highest standards in safety. Each procedure is performed by your plastic surgeon, along with our full team consisting of a physician anesthesiologist and two nurses. Having this full medical team working for you makes the procedure considerably more safe and comfortable than when the procedure is performed without this sort of complete medical staff.

Actual patient who had liposuction results may vary.

Because we value your final result, all of our procedures are done with our innovative technique called Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery's skin activating liposuction. This technique works to help stimulate your skin to tighten, in addition to removing unwanted fat. The technique is useful in all body areas where we perform liposuction. Beverly Hills liposuction is commonly performed on both men and women. Common treatment areas include the chest, abdomen, and love handles in men, and the thighs, knees, abdomen and bra roll area in women. Both men and women often benefit from our novel apporach to neck and chin liposuction.

Recovery from liposuction is usually just a few days, and because we put local anesthetic into all areas that we treat there is usually minimal discomfort. Among all of our plastic surgery patients, people treated with our liposculpture procedures are often among happiest with their results.

If you are interested in more info, please call us to set up a consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Krieger. You will meet our plastic surgeon who will help you decide how the procedure might offer you benefits.

You can reach us at (310) 550-6300 or by email at We look forward to meeting you!

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